Asset Management Software
Easily manage your in-house equipment or fleet by maintaining a 360° view of your assets.

Whether you’re a manufacturer, an educational institution, property management business or a hotel, you have to maintain a comprehensive directory of equipment, vehicles, machines, buildings and other assets you are working with. makes your work easy by giving you and your technicians a comprehendable real-time 360° view of all your assets. By including important information, displaying all related maintenance activities, work orders and requests in an easy, searchable form and providing quick insight into maintenance frequency and costs, the frequency of maintenance requests and condition changes through time, will quickly become your favorite tool.

Making sure a business is running smoothly is not an easy task. will help you prevent breakdowns by focusing on quality of information displayed in asset records. Your technicians will always have all the necessary information to complete a maintenance job when and where they need it, simply by scanning a QR-code using their tablet or smartphone on the spot.

With it’s powerful maintenance scheduling, awesome asset sheets, full mobile access and overall system flexibility, is your perfect choice for in-house asset management.

Track asset life expectancy and condition changes through time

Keep manufacturer and warranty information

Gain easy insight into frequency and costs of maintenance

Rich-text descriptions make it easy for you to add any kind of information

Maintain operability of assets by scheduling and tracking PMs

Categorize your assets using custom asset types you can define on the fly

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