Asset Owners Management Software
Manage asset owners to achieve the optimal maintenance management process.

For optimal management of in-house assets and efficient maintenance you have to keep track of asset users and/or people who are responsible for a machine, piece of equipment, facility or vehicle. They are asset owners – people, units or divisions within your company that need assets to work properly with minimum or zero breakdowns interfering with their daily work.

From the perspective of maintenance process – asset owners are maintenance clients, and your maintenance crews should treat them as you treat your customers – with due respect, attention to details and focus on quality of maintenance work. is focused on providing the best asset management and maintenance management experience by keeping track of asset owners, their contact information, assets they are in charge of and related maintenance activities. That makes it easy for you to gain insight into maintenance frequency and costs per asset owner.

When breakdowns do occur or any kind of work is needed to make assets operational asset owners will submit a maintenance request. tracks all requests made by particular asset owner along with their statuses and insight into frequency of corrective and preventive maintenance requests. To make it easy for you and your maintenance crews to handle requests the system provides a web-based portal where asset owners can submit and track their requests.

By regarding people responsible for assets as clients makes sure your assets will get the best possible treatment by raising the bar when it comes to quality of maintenance work and approach to resolving maintenance requests.

Focus on quality of maintenance by managing asset owners

View breakdown of maintenance costs and frequency per asset owner

Easily submit and track statuses of maintenance requests

Rich-text descriptions for you to easy store additional information

Gain insight into frequency of requests per asset owner

Collaborate with asset owners via your in-house maintenance portal

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