Inventory Management Software
Simplified inventory management for even the most demanding processes.

In order to have a complete maintenance management process – especially when maintenance is performed by in-house technicians – an organization should maintain an inventory of spare parts, equipment and consumables. features simple and effective inventory management for your maintenance process by enabling you to track bulk and serialzed maintenance items, categorize them any way you want and monitor the quantity of inventory items.

Having a custom hierarchy of inventory items makes using your inventory a convenience and referencing inventory items in work orders makes it easy for your maintenance technicians to record materials spent. also supports QR-codes for the inventory that will simplify the way you store and use your inventory items.

To ensure a proper inventory flow lets you define a minimum quantity for each inventory item. You can choose if you want to track quantities and you will get an email notification when you’re low on quantity of certain items. Quantity is automatically updated when items are referenced in work orders by your technicians. enables you to keep track of your spare parts and equipment, monitor their quantity levels and define optimal levels in stock.

Organize your inventory with custom categories

Reference inventory items in work orders

Define minimum quantity level and monitor your supplies

Get notified by email when item quantity is low

Track bulk or serialized inventory items

Keep track of manufacturer and warranty information

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