Maintenance Portal
Integrated collaboration tool made for maximum results

Handling service requests can be hard, especially when communication between technicians and asset owners is faint. aims to serve as a bridge between people who use assets and people who maintain them by providing a full-flegged maintenance portal.

By encouraging asset owners to take part in maintenance activities and giving them a place of their own where they can track their assets and maintenance history, you can make sure everyone is doing their job the best they can. By enabling them to submit and track status of service requests using their smartphones and tablets you’re making it easy for asset owners to contribute to the global maintenance process. makes it easy to customize your maintenance portal and make it your own in a matter of minutes. You can give it a personal tone by selecting from a number of visual styles, uploading your company logo and making your employees will feel at home.

The best thing you can do for your assets is to enable simple communication between everyone involved in the maintenance process. raises the bar by integrating the entire communication and even enabling asset owners to leave feedback for preformed maintenance jobs. With email notifications and almost realtime collaboration on service requests your employees will cover large parts of work without even leaving the app. maintenance portal will integrate the entire collaboration on maintenance activities, optimize communication and ensure quick and efficient response to service requests.

Simplify the process of submitting and resolving service requests

Integrate communication and enable cross-platform collaboration

Encourage asset owners to join the maintenance process

Personalize the look & feel of the maintenance portal

Get feedback on maintenance jobs from asset owners

Setup the entire platform in a matter of minutes

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