Use your smartphones and tablets to boost your efficiency.

QR-code stands for Quick Response Code and it’s a modern technological solution that enables quick access to certain resources available to anyone with a working smartphone or tablet.

Having mobile access to a web app is awesome, but having instant access to asset records just by scanning a printed QR-code sticker is even more awesome. Maintenance.io will enable you to generate QR-codes for your entire assets list and inventory.

This way you can utilize the power that you’re already holding in your hands and back pockets to contribute to a better maintenance management process. There are no additional costs or devices to purchase – your phone is your scanner and your point of access to all your records in a matter of seconds.

Maintenance.io will render accessing your inventory items and assets a simple task by using the camera of your favorite digital toy – your smarpthone or tablet.

Simplify the way you’re accessing asset and inventory records

Boost efficiency of technicians having to work in the field

Easily print QR-codes for your entire inventory or asset list

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