Service Requests Management Software
Bulletproof workflow for resolving service requests.

To keep your assets working you need to perform both preventive and corrective maintenance. The key towards keeping things running smoothly is to react on breakdowns just in time. tends to make things easy enough for everyone involved in the corrective maintenance process by providing an intuitive interface for creating and following through service requests. It takes a minute to create a service request and just a couple of seconds to schedule a job and assign technicians to perform corrective maintenance.

For technicians to react rapidly to breakdowns asset owners have to be able to easily submit service requests. offers a complete internal maintenance portal where asset owners will be encouraged to submit and track maintenance requests.

By getting asset owners involved in corrective maintenance your organization closes the maintenance circle where information is given, received, stored and easily utilised for making repairs, modifications and upgrades to assets.

Analysing trends in corrective maintenance requests is crucial for providing a better response to issues. provides quick insight into frequency of requests and their resolvement for invidividual assets and asset owners. enables a quick and efficient reaction to asset breakdowns and an effective corrective maintenance process that encourages asset owners to get involved.

Easily submit and track status of service requests

Schedule maintenance with one click and link to requests

Get email notifications when requests are submitted and resolved

Asset owners submit service requests via the internal maintenance portal

Entire communication is inside the app, no need for phone or email

Gain insight into frequency of requests and their resolvement

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