Vendor Management Software
Easily introduce vendors to your maintenance process.

Businesses depend on different assets. The list can include vehicles, machines and equipment made by various manufacturers, with different standards and maintenance plans. Most of the time your in-house technicians will be the work force maintaining your assets and making sure they are operational but there will always be cases where you have to rely on external experts.

Whether you’re outsourcing entire maintenance or just a specific number of maintenance tasks will make it easy for you to manage the process. You can easily manage a list of all vendors you’re doing business with and simply introduce them to your maintenance process when they are needed.

By utilizing the flexibility of maintenance jobs and work records you can assign the entire job or just a number of tasks and activities to one or more vendors and record their work just as you would do when your in-house engineers are doing the job. You will gain insight into frequency of vendor engagement and preview a drill-down of costs for each individual vendor. enables you to split maintenance job between different in-house tecnicians and vendors through flexibility of work records.

Keep track of all vendors you work with

Utilize the flexibility of work records to include vendors into maintenance process

Gain insight into frequency of requests and their resolvement

Keep track of maintenance jobs where vendors were involved

Split maintenance activities between in-house and vendor technicians

Encourage collaboration between all maintenance participants

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