Ensure Durability, Longevity and Safety of Your Equipment!

Modern farmers are not only using hi-tech tools and machines to yield success from their work but have also grown to appreciate software as their business management tool. is a CMMS software solution that helps farmers manage the maintenance of their equipment.

  • Cut expenses on equipment repair and replacement by applying predictive maintenance strategy based on data gathering and smart analysis in the app.
  • Prevent breakdowns, increase uptime by applying automatic maintenance scheduling before a failure actually occurs.
  • Streamline your maintenance processes by establishing consistency, best practices and reports on the work done to ensure that everybody‚Äôs on the right track.

The Most Efficient Use of Resources, Workforce and Machines

Plan, schedule, execute and track all necessary maintenance works and their costs


Machines wear out and get damaged over time especially if not maintained regularly and in the right way. Cut extensive and unnecessary maintenance costs by proper scheduling and tracking of your farming and agricultural equipment, tools, spare parts and inventory.


Your machines need to be fully functional when the season comes. Your field workers need to know what to maintain, in which way and when. Easily gain insight into maintenance for each machine to ensure it is maintained according to the best practices and information about previous breakdowns and fixes. Utilize the data to improve decision making and operations.


You can easily access your data from any device, any time – the only prerequisite is internet connection. Your field workers can communicate within the app or contact your maintenance staff for help or advice if machines break down in the field. is easy to use and very intuitive, basic computer literacy is more than enough.

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