Keep Your Equipment in Mint Condition And Focus on Your Patients and Service

In the healthcare industry maintenance management software is a necessity, not commodity. Maintaining medical facilities and equipment is crazily expensive, neglecting them is even more so. Not only that repairs cost a fortune and are sometimes impossible or ineffective, but also safety and risks to your patients and employees’ health might be extensive.

  • Build a unique predictive and preventive maintenance strategy based on data collection, sharing and analyses.
  • Reduce safety risks by making sure that your medical equipment and devices are always in mint condition.
  • Extend the lifetime of your equipment by keeping a complete work history up to date and easily accessible to your maintenance crew with costs, labor, warranties included.

Use your resources intelligently to make your valuable assets function flawlessly.

All the information you need to make the right maintenance decisions and estimate costs.


Identify low performance of your medical equipment before it’s too late. Use CMMS to track repeated breakage trends, reduce asset downtime and maximize ROI on assets. Your asset lifetime and functioning depends solely on your ability to identify, predict and schedule maintenance and assign the right people to do it in due time.


Effectively balance costs, risks, opportunities and performance. Keep track of service jobs, work details and response times by technicians. Have instant insight in who has done what, when and how much time and resources they spent. Easily access the info about previous, current and future maintenance for each asset via QR codes.


Be sure to comply with legal, statutory, organizational and regulatory requirements in the health care industry. Adhere to medical equipment, facilities and tools’ safety standards, policies and processes. Plan and schedule work orders with health and safety guidelines, instructions for the use of spare parts, tools and other details explained.

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