Automate Your Entire Maintenance Workflow and Ensure Transparency in the Public Sector

One of the most important goals for a maintenance manager, supervisor or technician working in the public sector is to ensure transparency. You need to be able to come up with plans and budgeting related to the maintenance work, making sure that these are communicated clearly to your technicians and wider public. is the CMMS solution that helps you do this successfully.

  • Make sure that all your maintenance activities and their costs are transparent and clearly streamlined with work orders, scheduling and tracking.
  • Handle different facilities and equipment simultaneously by assigning the right people to maintain each asset, report on budgeting and estimate performance.
  • Empower the users of your public service by giving them the best tool to report any problems and express their satisfaction with the results of your maintenance.

Clear Objectives, Processes, Budgeting and Tracking of Costs and Labor

Including associated maintenance histories, asset-related info, technicians’ timetables, valuable insights and reports.


Manage multiple locations, facilities and machines by creating comprehensive maintenance strategies and workflow. Create maintenance teams and assign them to manage multiple assets according to their competencies. Schedule tasks and follow the results. In-app statistics, analyses and reports will help you present the results to superiors and the public.


Keep the public safe and reduce the risk of things not functioning. Even a short stop in service delivery can cause many disturbances in some sectors. puts you in control and helps you react timely and successfully to all preventive and corrective maintenance tasks to protect the general public and avoid any risk, danger, injury or damage.


Maintain all your relationships in one place. Assign the right competencies to managers, technicians, users, vendors, suppliers, and contractors, as well as representatives of the general public. Encourage them to control each other’s work and communicate from inside the app to establish credibility and deliver the best results.

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